20. Papapark

Containing levels: 286-300

Difficulty: Very Hard

Hardest Level: 299

Fruit: Squash

New Item: Hypnoplant

Papapark is the twentieth episode of papa pear saga, and it was released on January 29 of 2014. It has 3 "lighting up the buckets" levels, 4 "fruit mode" levels, 2 "clearing a number of pins" levels, 2 "score" levels and 4 "collecting power-ups" levels. This episode is famous as it ends with level 300. It is hard because it has some hard levels such as 290, 293, 294, 298, 299 and 300, and some of the other levels can also get pretty tricky. Level 299 is also known as one of the very tricky levels.

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