19. Pearjing

Containing levels: 271-285

Difficulty: Very Hard

Hardest Level: 285

Fruit: Mock Strawberry

New Item: Leaf

Pearjing is the nineteenth episode of papa pear saga, and it was released on January 15 of 2014. It has 3 "lighting up the buckets" levels, 3 "fruit mode" levels, 3 "clearing a number of pins" levels, 3 "score" levels and 3 "collecting power-ups" levels, being the first episode to have three of each level type. This episode is actually difficult because of the infamous level 285. Level 285 is an extremely hard level which needs a score of 800,000 points. Even aside from that level, the episode is still hard with some levels like 271, 273, 275, 280 and 282.

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