Pirates Of The Pearibbean is the 2nd episode of papa pear. it takes place in a beach/shore with pirates.

Character: Captain Coconut

Difficulty: Somewhat easy

Story: Papa pear sees Captain coconut with a broken ship. Papa pear fixes the ship with its wrench.

Pirate seas is a somewhat easy episode, but the lids make the levels harder. therefore, this may be a medium episode for some players.

Next Episode: Pearamids

Previous Episode: Fruity Forest


  • Cp, Coconut was called Captercoco in 2016 nov 1, however they changed it to Cp. Coconut because its appereance looked like a coconut captain.
  • This is the first episode to take place on a beach.
  • This is also the first water episode.
  • in Cp Coconut's animation. he wiggles, then jumps.
  • This episode has the same name as the 2nd world of Pvz2