Treasure Bleasure is the episode that celebrates the 900th level and is the last episode on windows.

Summary Edit

It is a cave with a lot of gold. it has round coffin, and two chests.

Difficulty Edit

Because it is the last episode on windows, it is nearly impossible to accomplish all the levels in Treasure Bleasure. the 2nd and 15th level are somewhat hard.

Story Edit

Papa Pear sees a mage called Treasurent who is unable to find the diamond in the pile of gold. after the episode uses papa pear a diamond scanner to seek the diamond and give him it to Treasurent.

King. Description Edit

Looks like your the one who is goin to beat the pear outta this last episode of windows! who is going to be the first one?!

Trivia Edit

  • King descripted it to be the last episode on windows. however, the later episodes can be played in the King site.
  • Treasurent, the character of this episode, looks like the cultist from terraria.
  • He is also supposed to be a blueberry.
  • it is unknown if there's gonna be new episodes released in the windows version.